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exhibition from september 7 to october 12, 2008
curated by Johan Delcour and Monia Warnez at Galerie Koal, Berlin

Nothing wrong with floating the idea... That must have been the thought when Stephan Koal asked us
to curate an exhibition in his gallery. After all, it is unusual to ask unexperienced art lovers for that job.
Of course we were surprised, yet honored. Challenged by the idea of experiencing an exhibition from
an other point of view we gladly accepted his offer to bring young belgian artists to Berlin.

Amusez-vous refers to the value of todays life : entertainment !
The event is bigger than the purpose, the event is bigger than life, being there is a goal in itself.
Even the art world can't escape these trends and we often ask ourselves: should art be entertaining ?

In the exhibition we present three young belgian artists : Michaƫl Aerts, Stephan Balleux and Wesley
Meuris. They investigate how historical values infected our world view and what these values can
offer them today. With great precision and dedication they execute their work as a well determined
concept, but their is always that wink that reminds you to relativize.

Amusez-vous also embodies our personal way of experiencing art. The pleasure of discovering a
work, the appreciation for the way the artist lights up a certain theme, conversations we often have
when we immerse into an oeuvre, the energy-boost of a good exhibition, to be swamped by new
thoughts infecting our daily life by living with art...
We hope this exhibition does the same things to you, but never forget : Amusez-vous ;-)

Monia Warnez & Johan Delcour


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