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Arnaud De Wolf
stART van 6 december 2014 tot 16 januari 2015

Heim by Arnaud De Wolf

Arnaud De Wolf
Heim, 2012
Inkjet print on baryt paper
101x126,5cm (framed)

Since December 2012, Arnaud De Wolf (B 1981) is working on a series with the working title Heim. The series collects fragmented, hibernating, winter landscapes, fa├žades, buildings and interiors which refer to the concepts the Norwegian phenomenologist Christian Norberg- Schulz developed in his book Genius Loci. He sees this series in which the focus is definitively on the content of the image, as closing a chapter in his oeuvre. After this winter he will collect them in a book.

'Following my own fascinations is a fundamental principle. Personal journeys (abroad) guide me to remote, desolate and often solitary places. Here, a greater interdependence between culture and nature prevails. Once present, my new habitat brings me to self-reflection.
Working very intuitively using photography and video, I create a fictitious, parallel world. I filter out the 'disturbing parameters', 'turbulence' or 'noise' of contemporary, post-industrial society, rendering geographically ambiguous, alien places which contain a fragile equilibrium between nature and culture. I call them hibernating places.They generate a delusively peaceful universe that exudes Unheimlichkeit, solitariness, transitoriness and mortality on one hand as well as beauty, hope and a universal desire on the other hand.
When making pictures, I tend to envision the final representation. Multiple techniques are considered, among which: classical prints, old and new photographic techniques, the use of the materiality of the paper, projections, installations,... Furthermore, I often try to involve the spectator by anticipating his expectations and oblige him to take a position.'