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Benjamin Verhoeven
stART van 25 oktober tot 5 december 2014

Somebody was trying to kill somebody else by Benjamin Verhoeven

Benjamin Verhoeven
Somebody was trying to kill somebody else, 2014
Stop-motion movie, duration 4min10sec, Loop

"Somebody was trying to kill somebody else" (2014) is a part of an ongoing project called 'Scanning Cinema' by Benjamin Verhoeven (B 1990). The project consist of scanning moving images and putting them back into an animated film. The inversions that the artist makes in his production method (the physical action of scanning) is generating a new language like a disturbed echo from the photographic reviving of moving images.
By scanning the movie, the image is rapped into a single frame that shows the time and duration of moving images into a film. The outcome is an total different way of looking at film. Because it goes through the filter/ capturing/ translation of the scanner, important elements of cinema are being disrupted.
The work also is not only dealing with the relation between digital and analog image but also with the single frame and time within a movie.
Within this research Verhoeven invested in mapping out connections between different visual technologies. There is a both retro- and futuristic felt about this animated assemblages, where different machines are repurposed and fitted into a copy, distort magnify or obliterate each other's output.
The artist tries to open new perspectives on moving images through the combination of deconstruction and montage and by stretching the cracks within the movement of an image and time.

Courtesy Benjamin Verhoeven