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Carlos Caballero
stART 3 oktober tot 13 november 2015

Untitled (n°18), Carlos Caballero, 2015

Carlos Caballero
Untitled (nº18), 2015
Mixed media on paper, 15 3/4 x 11 5/8 inches (40 x 29.5 cm) each, without frame

Carlos Caballero's (°1983, Camagüey, Cuba. Lives and works in Ghent) paintings and drawings become spaces or surfaces where the "narrative" is not anymore a coherent story, perhaps like a mango jam on a glass knob.

He represents certain objects and forms that could be associated to a kind of mental fascination. Influenced by processes and positions that he finds in his own environment, especially when his space is more organized.

The more empty and absurd they become, the more serious and intriguing they are to him.