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Griet Van de Velde
stART van 22 augustus tot 2 oktober 2015

Chair in Vitrine & Communist Lunch, Griet Van de Velde, 2014

Griet Van de Velde
Chair in Vitrine, 2014, 50x33,33cm, inkjet print on mat photo paper in natural wooden frame
Communist Lunch, 2014, 50x33,33cm, inkjet print on mat photo paper in natural wooden frame

Griet Van de Velde (B 1975) boldly states "My picktures actually are what they are and the less words you can find for them, the better."
Van de Velde's comment is as matter of fact as the photographs within her body of work. The photographs could at first be understood as snap-shots taken to capture spaces in time, however the factual, actual, moment depicted within the photograph transcends the ordinary snap-shot towards something that is at once both personal and universal. Van de Velde attempts to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary moments and spaces so often over-looked in our day-to-day routines. The banal becomes a point of curiosity, the forgotten becomes monumentalised and the unexceptional becomes remarkable. Upon viewing, one almost mistakes each instance as a record from one's own past. Elevated through the intimate visual treatment characteristic within Van de Velde's work, each photograph becomes a reference to a fleeting instance that is at once conventional and unique.
Jane Crawshay (South African curator), 2014