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Hans Demeulenaere
stART van 17 januari tot 27 februari 2015

Somebody was trying to kill somebody else by Benjamin Verhoeven

Hans Demeulenaere
The cover of this book is too far apart, 2014

Hans Demeulenaere (B 1974) is looking into the effect of architectural structures and furniture. He withdraws them from their context and builds them again with respect to relationships and recognition, only they become unusable. There is a reference that questions the perception and experience. In his more recent work, the subjectiveness of the spatial experience, perception and orientation are the basic elements. Increasingly recognizing that reality never allows itself to be captured. Architecture is the most important starting point for this purpose. This is reduced to scale models or maps which in turn constitute the basis of the final spatial installation.

'The cover of this book is too far apart' is a work from a series of autonomous sculptures that are always established from the same base (furniture). Each element does have its own autonomy, but can be presented either together or independently. This sculpture is a combination of two pieces of Rietveld furniture, one is physically reconstructed, the second is a 'painting' witch appears on the other.
A second element of the sculpture stands upright, a reconstruction of the (cover) of a book (Bauhaus/out Taschen). The original cover consists different areas of color, just like you are making a copy. These color planes are converted in grays ; red, blue and yellow are three different shades of gray.