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Joachim Coucke
stART van 4 juli tot 21 augustus 2015

Cloudy Windows, Joachim Coucke, 2015

Joachim Coucke
Cloudy Windows, 2015, 90x120cm, print mounted on plexi/dibond, aluminium frame
Frequently Answered Questions #BornInABox, 2015, dimensions variable, mixed media

Joachim Coucke (B 1983) is working with various media in which he questions the rapidly changing society under the influence of technology and social media.

'Is our sense of history changing because of the accelerated circulation of images, data and money?'

For stART, he created the new text work 'Cloudy Windows' where he disrupted the romantic image of The Cloud and our freedom online. The poetic text reminds us that we can still look through the window but the sun is long gone. The idea of a constant monitoring of our actions on the internet by governments and large companies is the key. Additionally is a work from the series 'Frequently Answered Questions', a series of assemblages consisting of clusters of data cables, IT equipment and products related to the screen.