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Joris Van de Moortel
stART van 12 december 2016 tot 5 februari 2017

Liquid Fire 1. Ricky, 2016
Joris Van de Moortel
Liquid Fire 1. Ricky, 2016
Neon light, transformer, steel hook, guitar case

Liquid Fire is a new series of neons inspired by the personal guitar collection of Joris Van de Moortel (BE 1983). The edition was launched with a live performance during Middelheim Art Festival. 'What attracts me about electric guitars is that the essence of their being is their sound, coming from the pick-ups. Their shape only serves playing comfort. When you play, steel strings are vibrating and these waves are picked up by the pick-ups, basically magnets and copper wire. The waves disturb the magnetic field, which transfers into electricity. Electricity that turns into music : sent by a cable to an amplifier, which translates the electric waves into sound. So you're making electricity but you can't see it, only hear it. When you work with neon, bending the glass tubes by heating and blowing through, adding mercury and gas, and finally close the circuit, you'll end up with a neon tube. Adding electricity to it, in High Voltage, is essential, and you can see it running through, in a constant loop circuit. You visualise electricity in a way, and even color it, similar to the way you create tone colors on a guitar, at least that's how I see it.'
Joris Van de Moortel

Courtesy Joris Van de Moortel