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Julie Scheurweghs
stART van 11 januari 2013 tot 24 februari 2013

Nature Morte II, 2012, by Julie Scheurweghs

Julie Scheurweghs
Nature Morte II, 2012
Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo on foam board with pinned butterflies, 74x104cm

As an artist, Julie Scheurweghs (Belgium, 1988) is always been obsessed about the human mind and body. It's functions and it's flaws, and how we relate to ourselves and the outside world. Visual communication has had a strong influence on how she works and has manifested itself in the past mostly by doing photographic projects and installations. Yet photography has never been the goal, It has always been a means of communication.

Managing the overload of (visual) information we find ourselves surrounded by daily is one of the key figures of her work. Because of the bombastic quantities of visual information and communication we deal with on a daily basis, our mind and body gets immune to this type of messaging and leaves us feeling senseless and numb.

In recent projects she explored how we view the everyday, often banal objects that surround us. Because of this daily visual burden we find ourselves often having no regard for the beauty these simple objects behold. Trough taking these objects out of their natural environment and photographing them on a simple white background or putting them into surprising, non expected situations, the prints and objects display a new dimension and offer us a different point of view.

Nature Morte II does this trough the use of butterflies. An insect that is often seen in art, and carries a big history of symbolism with it is put into a situation you would not suspect such an animal of beauty to find itself in ; stuck in a fly trap.

Courtesy Julie Scheurweghs