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Marijke De Roover
stART van 5 september tot 24 oktober 2014

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME and put yourself in my picture! by Marijke De Roover

Marijke De Roover
TAKE A CHANCE ON ME and put yourself in my picture!

During september I will present an artwork that consists of a QR code + url + description that invites (art?) people of all kinds to make an add, not for their business or goods, but solely to 'sell' themselves. I will be open for submissions (www.yourmessagehere.tumblr.com) during this month and will present all the adds in book + new exhibition.

Within the art world, while the internet has definitely changed how we relate to geographical distance and dispersion, it has also made certain senses of marginality more acute, making the centers of Berlin, London, and New York appear more central through overexposure. We/I most definitely get left behind.

I believe the mediation that runs through most of my work is in some ways related to this sense of relative marginality and geographic 'isolation'. Likewise there's also a clear sense where if you're working primarily with online platforms you're going to be marginalized in relation to the rest of the art world. I'm interested here in a possible intersection between mediation, connectivity and alienation. I think the 'art world' is geographically very unequal/ unevenly divided, but I don't know if that's my problem anymore.

The artist is present.

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME and put yourself in my picture!