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Matthieu Ronsse
stART van 15 juli 2013 tot 13 september 2013

Cheap Imitations , 2012 by Matthieu Ronsse
Matthieu Ronsse
Cheap Imitations , 2012
Fine Art Print on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl, 150x212cm

When viewing the works of Matthieu Ronsse (BE °1981) it is hard to escape the connection to classical master painters such as Rembrant, Grecco, Velazques, and Goya who used their painterly techniques to render subjects and scenes centuries ago. Now, Ronsse is taking these techniques and exposing them to the current perceptions of painting. In other words, he is not mastering the paintbrush in order to preserve this classical painting style, but using it as a foundation for his exploration into the relevance of classical painting in today's contemporary society.

The selected work seem to have been subject to abuse. Cheap Imitations shows a battered copy of a detail from the painting 'Doubting Thomas', by Gerrit van Hontshorst (NL 1590-1656) leaving traces of sweat, tears, stains and paint like a silent witness of everyday life in the studio of the artist. By scaling the reality Ronsse creates a kind of trompe l'oeil as a wink to the technical possibilities today at Fotorama. A push from the classical idea of perfection and into the current artistic world of few boundaries.

Courtesy Matthieu Ronsse