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Nathalie Vanheule
stART van 25 februari 2013 tot 12 mei 2013

Only Free Brids Have Eyes, 2013, by Nathalie Vanheule
Nathalie Vanheule
Only Free Brids Have Eyes, 2013
Drawing, pencil on paper, 150x220cm
(view from the atelier)

Nathalie Vanheule (°1980) invites us to take part in a sensitive reformation of the world through an aesthetic that is both Dionysian and related to Barthés in its fragmentation and emotionality. Her oeuvre announces from behind its masks the inevitable closing time, the Final Disaster.

In her fresh colour pencil drawing ‘Only Free Brids Have Eyes’, Nathalie Vanheule is taking on a dialogue between our desire for freedom and the demands and forces from our surroundings that bounds us or even deform us… Often ignoring our wishes and dreams. Society and own made structures, or unwanted disabilities keep us too long prisoned. It is time to break out and to see and feel.