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Peter Depelchin
stART van 13 mei 2013 tot 14 juli 2013

Folie de Flandre by night, 2012 by Peter Depelchin
Peter Depelchin
Folie de Flandre by night, 2012
Woodcut print, 40x84cm

When you behold the work of Peter Depelchin (°1985), it seems as if you're entering a whole new reality containing a symbiosis of art history and topicality. On one hand his oeuvre pounds tenderly into the subconscious of the spectator and on the other hand takes a detailed look at the collective archetypes. He accomplishes a universal imagery that draws from the past and reflects on the present. This base is a breeding ground for challenges and questions that will provoke the artist for the rest of his life.

Courtesy Peter Depelchin