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Rob Buelens
stART van 23 mei tot 3 juli 2015

Now we know what for, Rob Buelens, 2015

Rob Buelens
Now we know what for, 2015
55x26x26cm, glass, wood, wire, peppermill, peppercorns, feathers.

Rob Buelens (B 1989) creates scale models of wood, wire, thread and everyday objects. The small scale of Buelens models is an important trait he deliberately incorporated into his works to give a divine perspective of the world he creates. The miniature people who inhabit the models are neither man nor woman, neither black nor white, neither beautiful nor ugly ; they are stripped of all properties except the physiognomy of the crowd. The only thing that united them is the cooperation for a common goal. This is reminiscent to the notion of community and the united struggle of cultures and peoples.

The title and meaning of the work is about the collective and the understanding of man in front of a group opposite an excessive focus on the individual. The titles often refer to historical events and primeval human tendencies, literature and music, things that transcend the individual.

The objects in the work of Buelens, such as spoons, sugar cubes and coffee mugs are stripped of their original context to create a poetic image that recalls the fantastic worlds from some classic works of literature, such as Gulliver's Travels. His work is also strongly related to the masters of Flemish art history.