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Sam Eggermont
stART van 28 februari tot 10 april 2015

Somebody was trying to kill somebody else by Benjamin Verhoeven

Sam Eggermont
51°01'21.2''N – 3°44'40.6''E, 2014
Black and white video, 43m 42s

Nature is ubiquitous in the work of Sam Eggermont. His depiction of nature is animated, as are his tales. Eggermont seems to return impulsively to a premodern way of thinking, to a time when there was not yet a dominant dichotomy between culture and nature, between an objective and subjective world. His fauna and flora, represented in photographs, videos and sculptures, are endowed with a soul and a sense of autonomy. The eponymous birds in 51°01'21.2''N – 3°44'40.6''E ('Crows'), a black-and-white video from 2014, fly back and forth; they settle on a branch, use their beaks to peck between the feathers and let out their hoarse primal screams. The footage has been slowed down, making these lanky birds' powerful wingbeat almost reminiscent of that of an eagle. Once more, references abound – to Hitler, Dagmar and the horrors of war, but also to the sense of fear that pervades Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (1963). The crows are characters evolving in an overgrown no-man's-land, stuck between a train track and a container park. This idyllic scene – a nicely balanced composition with soft light contrasts and beautiful foliage as in a Japanese picture – is disturbed at regular intervals by the sound of a train crashing by or of trash being dumped.