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Tine Guns
stART van 19 maart tot 1 mei 2016

Bear With Me, Tine Guns, 2015
Tine Guns
Bear With Me, 2015
3X 20x30cm Hahnem├╝hle Fine Art Photo Rag on Dibond, 20x30cm each

Tine Guns (┬░1983, Ghent) focuses on the constant metamorphosis that we experience as human beings, and the inability to capture the fleeting reality. The influence of our memory on how we perceive images results in multiple perceptions and interpretations. Guns' work tries to open up our linear historiographical point of view by offering new combinations. Her images are the result of an exploration into ephemeral depths of time. She guards conscientiously over it to see that no crystallization in content nor form would occur. Such a crystallization would mean a loss for her. It would render the work obsolete for future use. Everything she shows, in its core as well as in its outsides must stay fluid. Everything is connected. Nothing is isolated, new combinations are always possible, there is always room for chemistry.

The work in Fotorama is a fragmentation of a photographed animal juxtaposed with a detail of rough water crawling.