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exhibition from march 27 to june 13, 2010
curated by Johan Delcour and Monia Warnez at the International Fotofestival Knokke-Heist

In our contemporary culture we are simply overwhelmed with images. Crafty ad boys are put to work
to ensure that we, the masses, can have that ultimate experience. Only if we are beautiful, surround
ourselves with trendy design and live a fashion-conscious life, we can expect to achieve Nirvana.

The exhibition Tool showcases the work of six young artists who deal with this commercial illusion in
an individual and fascinating manner. While one openly flirts with a glamorous visual language,
another takes a more critical approach to the values proposed by advertising.
The artists see these images, which have become a part of our society, as a tool with which they can
consciously or unconsciously shape their ideas and develop their own body of work.

Participating artists :
Thorsten Brinkmann (Germany), Anthony Goicolea (USA), Susanna Majuri (Finland),
Boo Ritson (United Kingdom), Dries Verstraete (Belgium) and Sascha Weidner (Germany)


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